BFC 10th Anniversary comic book

Better Factories Cambodia 10th Anniversary was a huge challenge. How do you make sense of, and illustrate – create an amusing comic book for heaven’s sake – the achievements of an organization that set in place a system of rules and regulations to better regulate Cambodia’s garment sector? On the surface that looks anything but fun we hear you say! Well… start with 26 in-depth interviews spread over almost every continent (ok barring Antarctica!) – That’s where we had to go to find all the players who made BFC what it is today. Those interviews, conducted over six months, formed the backbone of the comic. We came up with a theme – a party! And there-in lay the key to the comic’s success. The history of 10 years of BFC is told through a storyline that sets up a celebratory party. KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid – Oh… not you, us! Take a look and see for yourself. OK it’s full of insider jokes from the people who were there – and we poked fun at quite a few of them – but really what brought it all together is Jose’s incredible drawings that took the storyline into the realm of a true comic book. The result: A fast-paced, funny, creatively imagined, multi-faceted picture of all that BFC strived to be and all that it ultimately became!


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