Partizan Creatives is the brainchild of illustrator/animator Jose Encinas and filmmaker/writer Nick Wood. Following their collaboration to produce a number of comic books for the International Labour Organisation, Better Factories Cambodia and the Levi Strauss Foundation, they decided to join forces and create a dedicated company to help develop unique tools to deliver simple but effective messages in a dynamic and easily accessible format.

Paritizan Creatives provide innovative communication solutions to a wide range of UN and Non-Profit Organisations working in the development and educational sector. We tailor-make our comics and animations to fit your communication needs by drawing on more than 20 years of collective experience in the aid, humanitarian and educational sector. Patizan Creatives are also adept at working on commercial ventures to promote the goals of your communication strategies.

Jose Encinas has more than twenty years experience working in graphic illustration and design. In 2004 Jose set up Minus 36, an Illustration and Animation studio that has produced some of the regions most creative information campaigns for numerous UNO and NGO’s. Originally from Spain, Jose is now based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia but works with a variety of clients worldwide.

Nick Wood has worked as a Producer/Director/Cameraman specialising in documentaries, news footage and promotional films for more than 20 years. Nick set up Navigator Communications as an independent production and facilitating company and has filmed more than 100 news features for BBC News covering Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. He’s a regular contributor to CNN and writes, produces and films for a wide variety of UNO and NGO clients in the SE Asia region.

Meet Jose – he heads up the illustration, animation and storyboarding team at Partizan.

Here’s Nick – he’s the wordsmith behind Partizan’s creative writing team.